My dad’s box of options (or a story with some recommendations..)

Good morning,
When I was little, my parents used to hide a box filled with books and new games out of reach on the top shelf of their closet. Occasionally, after a story ended, or if Dad was in a particularly good mood, a new book or a game we did not know, would suddenly “fall from heaven”… As I grew older, I started climbing a chair to find out what could be next… Still, I couldn’t really know which one my Dad would choose…
Sometimes we feel like having something new, or trying something different. So, I am going to share the treasures of others with you. In the coming month, I will share links to the websites of my creative colleagues who develop and produce educational materials, textbooks, games and readers. I hope you will enjoy their materials as much as you enjoy mine.

The first ones:

Tov ladaat, by Yasmin and Miri, who develop, design and produce active posters for the classroom, great readers and other helpful materials you can see on their website.

soft english, by Daniella, develops and produces alternative textbooks and games for all levels, specializing in students with learning disabilities.

Have fun 🙂


P.S. remember to share – sharing is caring!




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