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me tibetWe all work hard to help our students succeed.

The best way to learn a language is by using it in natural, real life situations. The best way to motivate your students to use English is by playing games.

gamelish provides the best traditional card games, specifically  designed based on the CEFR.  Divided into three categories, reading, vocabulary and grammar, the games make English learning easier, more fun yet extremely effective!

As an English and special education teacher myself, and like many of my colleagues, I tried to solve problems and make life easier for my students, some of them with severe learning difficulties.

For many years, I wrote, drew, cut, pasted, laminated, printed and played, leading both younger and older students on a successful pathway in English.

In 2010 I started gamelish.

Now we already have 26 “go fish / happy families” games,  in three categories:

The games are for teachers who want to make their students succeed without feeling stressed.
They are especially designed with a lot of repetition, which is so important when learning a language.
The gamelish games are funny, boost players’ memory and make them think and plan their moves, while learning English!

Using gamelish can serve you in different ways:

In the classroom, when they finish their assignment or test

With small groups

In individual and private lessons


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