the ABC game (2 boxes)

Age: 5+
Level: preliminary
Number of cards: 120
The ABC game includes 30 foursomes, four cards for each letter and the combinations ch, sh, ph, th.
Each letter has four different pictures to demonstrate the sound of the letter, mostly the beginning sound.
Aa – apple, accordion, alligator, ambulance
Pp – panda, penguin, ping-pong, pizza
Xx – xylophone, fox, box, x-ray
Enhances basic vocabulary, along with letter recognition
Can be played as a “go fish” game or as a memory game


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elementary, בית ספר יסודי, גיל 5-10, כיתה א, כיתה ג, לקויי למידה, מבוגרים


Preliminary, English Speakers


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